Scary Stories All Around!  December 24, 2012 - January 25, 2013

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You're gonna give me nightmares.... - Zombie Ghost
Dude, that was awesome. - Death of a Bully
Amazingly creepy - [writing deleted]
Pretty spooky - The Boy With the Red Eyes
Gives me some chills - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention! - Hearts of Fire & Ice
Honorable Mention! - The Biggest, Fattest Lie Ever
Honorable Mention! - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention! - The Clown


So I've been listening to a bunch of scary stories(MrCreepyPasta on Youtube, you should go check him out), so I thought I would like to read some that YOU guys made! I'm going to need about a week to read all of them; my school ends pretty late, so cut me some slack. Thanks!


$0.00, Shout-outs and I'll get people to review your writing :P



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