Seek The Mystery  May 7, 2015 - May 23, 2015

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Unsolvable - Into the mist
Elementary - A Long Awaited Reunion
Thrilling - The Henry Woman


Mystery fiction is a genre of fiction usually involving a mysterious death or a crime to be solved. In a closed circle of suspects, each suspect must have a credible motive and a reasonable opportunity for committing the crime. The central character must be a detective who eventually solves the mystery by logical deduction from facts fairly presented to the reader.

You have to write Mystery Story while following the set of rules:
1) You can't reveal the culprits' identity. You will be declared finalist only if your mystery is unsolvable until deadline.
2) Narrator is neither detective, culprit, suspects nor family of victim. Narrator is a living character with weird link to the case.
3)Occult is allowed but not on large scale. Scale of supernatural must be very small.
4)Readers are the detectives. Make them feel that.
5)You can use riddles and puzzles.

Let the mystery begins.


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