Sexy Haiku  May 20, 2009 - June 20, 2009

Contest Completed


Sexiest of the Sexy - On My Knees - Naughty
Passion Burns - [writing deleted]
Sizzling Hot - Beneath the Sun
Obsession - Body Heat
Thirst for Love - [writing deleted]
Hunger and Sex - Mind, Heart and Body
Irresistibly in Love - fingers gently rain
Feel the Heat - [writing deleted]
Wanton in Love - hers
Forever Sweetheart - [writing deleted]


In seventeen syllables make me feel the passion. Pour out your love, obsession and/or lust. Has to follow the 5.7.5 rule in syllables. Would be nice if you could also relate it to nature in some respect whether it be weather, planets, elements, or animals, etc. More importantly let the passion burn!!


$0.00, Love and respect at the WritersCafe!



17 Contestants
45 Submissions
Created May 20, 2009

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