Show Don't Tell  July 30, 2014 - August 6, 2014

Contest Completed


1st Place - In Her Eyes


Below is a couple short prompts (choose which one you prefer) from the 'telling' perspective, your challenge is to re-write the scene from a 'showing' perspective within 500 words. I will read all entries and choose a winner at the end of the week. These contest will usually last only a week, sometimes two depending on the type of material being covered.

If you'd like me to add other prompts and challenges for fun, please let me know in the forum or through message.

I walked out of the house, gun in hand, and looking for the b*****d that kicked my dog? (A scene)

My heart pumped, Jimmy wasn't going to beat me this time.(A scene)

She had brown eyes and brown hair (Description)

His hands shook. His stomach hurt. He wanted to go home. (A inner thought)

An amendment* (The prompts are to help you, but as long as you're demonstrating 'show' don't 'tell' the work will be accepted.) I hope that clears up any confusion.


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