Silence  August 21, 2016 - August 31, 2016

Contest Completed


Winner - Silence of Discontent
Second Place - The Vocabulary of the Silent Type
Third place - Chains of Silence
Honourable mention - The Oncoming Silence
Honourable mention - My hell in the dead of the night
Honourable mention - Silent
Honourable mention - Still Screaming
Honourable mention - [writing deleted]
Honourable mention - Stillness
Honourable mention - Silence of the Earth


What for you is silence?
Can silence, speak?
Does silence betoken absence?
Imagine the 'silence' of a church, or graveyard, or war memorial space. What do you sense?

I'm looking for poetry that addresses one or all of these questions on behalf of a friend looking to gather responses for a university paper.


Recommendation for use as research in a university paper


Armistead Lindsey
Armistead Lindsey
United Kingdom


12 Contestants
18 Submissions
Created Aug 21, 2016

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