Silhouette  February 9, 2010 - April 9, 2010

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Perfect Silhouette (1st) - I Am
Happy Silhouette (2nd) - to my Muse
Joyful Silhouette (3rd) - The Simplest Man
Secure Silhouette (4th) - A Guide to Shedding
Honorable Mention - [writing deleted]


This will be the third contest I've created. The central theme for this contest is in the title: silhouettes. Main Entry: A silhouette. Write about silhouettes of yourself; because everybody is nobody and nobody is somebody. Write about yourself minus your name, minus your features, minus your personality -- and then show who you really are.

What is a silhouette? Here's the Merriam-Webster definition: 1sil·hou·ette Pronunciation: ˌsi-lə-ˈwet Function: noun Etymology: French, from Étienne de Silhouette †1767 French controller general of finances; perhaps from his ephemeral tenure Date: 1783 1 : a likeness cut from dark material and mounted on a light ground or one sketched in outline and solidly colored in 2 : the outline of a body viewed as circumscribing a mass

There is no prize besides to win a badge and the knowledge you won a contest. Two months is the deadline on this contest. You may use a limit of 500 words in this poem. Poetry only, any genre is acceptable. No erotic (that doesn't include love and romance) writings please as they will be removed from the contest. Only one submission per writer: so choose carefully. The judge will be me and I am very picky. This not some cakewalk.


A badge and the satisfaction of winning a contest!


Stephen Scaggs
Stephen Scaggs
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