Silly Rhymes  April 1, 2008 - April 20, 2008

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You're Histericle! - The Witch Spell
You're so goofy! - Silly Willy Dilly
You're So Silly! - Yo ho, yo ho...
Awwww how sweet! - [writing deleted]
Awwww how sweet! - The Hoff


Rhyme Me Story So Sublime
That I laugh for such a long time
My stomache hurts and my ribs ache
And No more do I think I can take

Rhyme Me a story so cute and sweet
The author I'd wish that I could meet
To shake there hand and simply say
You made me a perfect day

But RHYME me a story or I'll be sad
And blame you for the day thats so bad
And I may be Weary and count you out
And wether you could win you'll never find out!


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Frances L. Phillips
Frances L. Phillips
Houston, TX


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