Slaves  May 15, 2014 - June 27, 2014

Reading and Deliberating


I would like you to write me a story about slavery. Follow the rules and I strongly suggest looking at my suggestions.
*I will be having another contest like this but for stories if this one gets enough entries.*
-No historical fiction.
-No erotica.
-No more than 1500 words, no less than 500. Contact me if this seems to be a problem, I will be a little lenient but only if you contact me.
-Do not enter the second chapter in a story. Enter a prologue or the first chapter. I will read the rest if I am interested.
-Can have sexual content but please keep it appropriate for young teens (12-15).
-Any type of slave.
-Please do not enter a chapter from the middle of a book.

I would suggest this either has a romantic element to it or a completely remorseless master. If you write something in between it will need to be really good.
Types of Slaves...
(these are just some types of who would be slave etc. You can have any type of slave; blood, maid etc. as long as you abide by the rules but I suggest that one of the master/slave is a paranormal being)
-a slave to a vampire
-a slave to a werewolf
-a paranormal slave to a human

*Rough treatment is fine.*
*Please no hate, although you can use celebs.*
*Points and spaces may increase if I receive more entries.*
*Have fun!!*
*This will be judged on content and how much it makes me want to read, not grammar etc. but please be mindful of your SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) as I will be commenting on these things.*


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Hessen, Germany


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