Sleepless Night  March 31, 2008 - April 15, 2008

Contest Completed


Takes the Cake! - The Writer
Insomniac - Dreaming of a Moonless Sky
Lies Awake - Night Shadows
Tosses and Turns - Grand Opening
Night Owl - Beautiful Wanderer
Light Sleeper - Chill Night (Sin Paciencia)
Honorable Mention - If you think...
Honorable Mention - Thunder (Sleepless Night)
Honorable Mention - Your Beauty and Sweetness
Honorable Mention - Insomnia (Acrostic)


Write a poem about a sleepless night or you don't have one of those enter a poem you wrote on a sleepless night! Everyone has had one of those with tax season upon us there are probably MANY sleepless nights happening RIGHT NOW.... and I know when I have a sleepless night I write... Lets see what you have written... you get two shots at this one one for a poem about a sleepless night and one for a poem written on a sleepless night... Show me Your BEST! In the end the readers decide who takes the cake....


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Frances L. Phillips
Frances L. Phillips
Houston, TX


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