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You ripped my heart out and finished the job. - [writing deleted]
You almost ripped my heart out. - Last Moment
There were tears pouring down my face - [writing deleted]
I started tearing up! - [writing deleted]
Aww! It made me smile! ^^ - A Girl and Her Panda


I want tales of deep friendship, not too cheesy of stories please, just something that shows how deep a bond can be between a group of two or more friends, and what they've done for each other. I want it to be a bond stronger than romantic love (if you believe in that, if not, as close as you can get) and I'm looking for unique stories that wrench my heart out of it's spot and throw it on the ground. >.O Try not to get too long, I don't really want to have to read a ton of novels to judge this. I don't mean romance. thank you.


$0.00, Knowing you are amazing.


Sapphire Balasquez
Sapphire Balasquez
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