Song Title Horror  August 1, 2007 - August 31, 2007

Contest Completed


Winner: Featured Writer for September in Project Horror - [writing deleted]
Second Place: Song Title Horror in Project Horror - [writing deleted]
Third Place: Song Title Horror in Project Horror - [writing deleted]


I went through every song on my iTunes and wrote down a long list of great titles, then picked what I thought would be the best 4 titles to inspire some serious horror stories.

1) You may only submit short stories
2) No zombie, vampire, werewolf stories. We all love them, but I want something much more. Reach deep down, into the darkest parts of your being and write from there!
3) When titling your piece, please follow this template:
"Story title- Your user name"
This will help me keep all the stories straight, seeing that there will be several stories with the same title.

Failure to comply with these rules will cause your story to be disqualified.


1) Screams from the Abyss
2) Mark of the Legion
3) Pillars of Eternity
4) A Dozen Black Roses

*Thanks to Shanna for letting me borrow her idea.


Ribbons for your stats, plus Featured Writing of the month for the Project Horror Group


David M. Turner
David M. Turner
Greensboro, NC


Created Jul 22, 2007