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Speaking Loud: Poetry  March 18, 2015 - April 15, 2015

Contest Completed


The Strongest Voice - Mister Righteous
Loud and Proud - You have one new message
Speaking - Stop Ignoring Us!


This is poetry that talks about any strong opinions. Basically about how screwed up some things are or how things should be. It can be about any topic as long as it's something you feel strongly about! I'm not really looking for a story about a person whose been screwed over. More so like opinions.

Ex.) School system, blood vs.water, society, etc.

I've already had to turn down some amazing poetry because they did not meet the criteria please make sure your writing is about a matter of something you feel so strongly about. Make it intense.


Noting Society
Noting Society
Naples, FL


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Created Mar 18, 2015