Solemnly Swear
An action-packed suspense thriller that explores the fragile balance between justice and self-preservation.
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Spring Break Contest  March 16, 2015 - March 23, 2015

Contest Completed


1st - [writing deleted]
2nd - Bell Flowers
3rd - Spring Love


Hello Fellow Friends! :)

As you can see the contest is called Spring Break Contest!!
The overall idea is to write a poem involving something to do with spring and things involving spring.
So write something warm, something to get our heads out from wandering the winter snow, into swimming the deep mind spilling oceans.
You can only submit ONE piece of writing, so give that one piece your all.
I will be choosing the winners, I don't pick winners based on there profiles, reviews or anything like that. I pick the winner based on that piece of writing I will be receiving!

Just a heads up I do look at spelling errors, capitals, grammar etc.
I wish everyone the best of luck.


Belleville, Qunite, Canada


8 Contestants
8 Submissions
Created Mar 16, 2015