Summer of Old School Science Fiction Stories  May 25, 2011 - August 31, 2011

Contest Completed


First Place - Code 006-4
Second Place - The Tiny Terror
Third Place - S Y N T H ae T I C
First Honorable Mention - Signature
Second Honorable Mention - Duified
Third Honorable Mention - Lost


Using the age old definition of science fiction ... a story that without the technology or alien worlds etc would collapse ... give me your best new stuff written from today on.

Give us something to hang our hats on. Something that the Agents here would be proud to represent ... hint, hint. Give it the very best you have ... we know you can do it.

Please no: Superheroes, leave the remakes of comic books to Hollywood.


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Matthew vonHone
Matthew vonHone
Cape Cod, MA


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