THE ABSENCE OF LIFE  April 20, 2007 - April 30, 2007

Contest Completed


full of life - [writing deleted]
not dead yet - [writing deleted]


Where did it go? What was it when it was here? How do you know it's gone? Where will you find it? Are you looking for it? How did/do you feel?
You may not use these words:
Death, died, dying, soul, love, happy or any form of the word, sad or any form of the word, empty, angst...inclusion of any of these words will only eliminate your piece.
Word limit: minimum--100 maximum--250


Linda Crawford Ortiz
Linda Crawford Ortiz
Foreskin Remnants (right outside Elk'slip)--turn right at Mason Jar Junction: Big trailer on the left, OH


Created Apr 15, 2007