THE Most Ridiculous Fabio-style Romance Story  July 9, 2016 - August 21, 2016

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The NABIO (i.e. Next Fabio) Award - My Dream


I think the title says it all. Now is YOUR chance to bare it all in 3,000 words or less! Clash with your fellow WC writers in the most EPIC showdown ever held in a bedroom/stable/pirate ship/throne room/WHEREVER of your choice!

If you come to this party, you better bring your codpiece and bootstraps! This isn't for children, Folks! (Although I'm not limiting it to Mature, so adventurous Teens are welcome.)

The Rules:
- The more ridiculous, the better.
- 3,000 words or less. (Yes, I know it isn’t a lot, but your testosterone-imbued hero will have to up his ante if he wants to ravage that buxom lassy’s sacred temple by the end)
- The contest submissions will end on Sunday, 21 August 2016 (not sure what timezone WC imposes since it doesn't say here...)
- Points will also be awarded for correct grammar and style, so those are always important.
- If the story makes me cry, you lose. If I laugh my a*s off, you (might) win.
- Clichés are perfectly fine, but originality brings bonus points. (Understand that I'm not a romance specialist, so I may not even know what is cliché.)
- Did I say the more ridiculous, the better? :)

I am SO looking forward to seeing what y'all cook up! Sally forth you dastardly rogues and sack that port! Her gates are wide open!!


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