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Being me, the TV show Lost is a very important part of my life. I can't wait til it comes back (Feb 2010!!!), but what I want to know is, who ever thought about this amazing show? So I then connect this amazing show with books that just don't fit the catergory of book; it's more like a TV show or movie. I want a story or poem (either one is fine with me) or even a screenplay under, hmmm, two thousand words, that seems more like a great TV show or movie rather than the book it started to be (or if you think of one then and now, why not?). Do your best, and I don't know when Lost starts back up (I will find out!) but when it does, I will make sure that the awards are given out that day! Good luck!
Oh, just a little postcript: inspiration can be written before or after the writing in italics. THANKS!


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