Talent Drips Erotic Publishings contest  August 1, 2007 - August 27, 2007

Contest Completed


Honorable mention for Talent Drips Erotic Publishings contest! - [writing deleted]


Talent Drips is looking for erotic poems, stories, and non-fiction that makes you want to look around and see whose watching before you keep reading! Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual works are particularly considered - but not the only. Would like to see some Sci-Fi, Fantasy works explored. Non-fictional stories are also considered. No explicit sexual scenes with no plot whatsoever, stories of unwanted sexual intercourse, child molestation, bestality, or prostitution accepted - why are you trying to scare everyone?!?

Entry fees are $5 per poetry submission (3 maximum submissions) and $10 per short story/non-fiction submissions (2 maximum submissions). Check or Money Orders must have title(s) of work attached so that Talent Drips will know you have paid. Mailing address is P.O. Box 28725, Cleveland, Ohio 44128.

See http://ashygirlforgirls.tripod.com/talentdripseroticpublishings .


$Poets will be paid $10 for each poem accepted and short story/non-fiction writers will be paid $15 for each piece accepted., Work featured on E-Zine; entries will be forever archived on the site.


Cleveland, OH


Created Aug 3, 2007