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Tell Me A Secret  September 21, 2008 - October 22, 2008

Contest Completed


1 - [writing deleted]
2 - [writing deleted]
3 - Sarah\'s Confession.
4 - Respected You!
5 - [writing deleted]
6 - Porcelain
7 - The Fake Pride
8 - A letter to a dear friend about my terrible past
9 - A Deadly Secret.
10 - [writing deleted]
11 - On Questioning
12 - An Apogeic Infliction.
13 - [writing deleted]


Recently I've been addicted to something called PostSecret, which is like a program where you can submit a secret + a picture anonymously.
Since we can't really do that i'm just going to ask you to tell me a secret and I will put myself in your shoes. I'll use the maximum amount of awards but no cash rewards. can be anything- poems, stage, story. No erotica or any secret that has to deal with sex and love and all that crap.
Hope you have fun with this :)





13 Contestants
13 Submissions
Created Sep 22, 2008