Tell me you love me  August 10, 2007 - September 10, 2007

Contest Completed


Marry Me - [writing deleted]
Let's move in together - [writing deleted]
Me too! - [writing deleted]
A little too soon - [writing deleted]
I'm not ready for you yet - [writing deleted]


I want a confession out of you, A poem with your deepest declaration of true love. The purest kind of love the conquers all in the the "Princess Bride" sense. I want to be given a piece of your heart and to feel that you wrote it just for me. I don't care how old your poem is or who it is written for I just want to believe.... That's simple enough right?


ummm a warmy fuzzy feeling somewhere besides your pants?


Roberta Weth
Roberta Weth
Portland, OR


Created Aug 10, 2007

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