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Special Something - Dried Roses
Original Other Thing - [writing deleted]
Particularly Peculiar - [writing deleted]
Utterly Unique - Fear of Flying
Most Memorably - The Roots Of Love
Catchy Collection - Cool Aid House (edit)
Misty Memories - Christmas Candy


What means nothing to one person, can mean the world to somebody else.
We've all got our special somethings, little objects, memorabilia, things that are important to us in a way others will never understand. Or, more generally speaking, if we see something, it may remind us of anything - an event, a moment, another person... the list is endless.
To name some examples:
Cotton candy may remind you of a particularly blissful day in your childhood when your parents took you to an amusement park.
The heirloom necklace will forever remind you of your beloved grandmother.
That teddy bear your first boyfriend gave you for your birthday still makes you smile at the memory (or make you want to burn the b*****d's house down for breaking your heart).

So, what is it that triggers your memories?
Be as descriptive as possible in order to convey to the reader why the object that holds a special meaning to you makes you feel the way you do.
Be original, be creative, be unique - tell me about the object that is special to you in a way it isn't to anybody else. It's gonna be a big plus.

Written anything that matches the criteria? Then please feel free to submit it!


I will review all winning writing (and anything that I feel like commenting on)!


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