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Ok die hard AHS fans, now that the finale is over, I have a task for you for this contest. I don't think its any secret to anyone with a slight bit more then a passive knowledge of criminology that 1- Bloody Face and his son have virtually the same psychopathology 2- A lot of that pathology is very much based on Ed Gein (the masks especially).

So, the contest: don't totally rewrite Bloody Face's or his son's pathology, but expand on some of the parts that the show did not. Tell me what is happening in his or his son's head as he is killing a victim they did not give enough information for to make reasonable inferences regarding the Bloody Face pathology. Be original, don't give me a carbon copy of Ed Gein: make this Bloody Face, your Bloody Face, an original with a highly specific signature and pathology. Of course, there could always be parts of the killer's signature the show did NOT cover: one big one there: was the skin removed pre or post mortem? but also differing pre or post mortem wound patterns, necrophilia, pre mortem assault, etc etc and differing parts of an evolving MO (different cuts to remove the skin, different blades used, slightly different wound patterns, etc etc). As in my other contests, you may borrow features from other notorious killers, but they must make sense in light of the killer's overall profile (for instance, you wouldn't make a power reassurance rapist have any semblance of necrophilic drive), and must again not be just a carbon copy of another famous killer.

Happy hunting AHS fans! Look forward to the 3rd Season!


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