The Contest Without a Name Contest  July 8, 2013 - August 10, 2013

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The Chosen One - Renewed
Honerable Mention - Trapped


Write a story or poem in any form/any style using all 15 of these words. Words may be used in any order.

Dragon, Hope, Dance,Jump, Fall,Cry, Avenge,Sun, Smile, Lie, Insidious, Fly, Wish,Kindness,Rain.

(just throwing out there that I'm posting a slightly easier contest 8/11/13.Because I've gotten complaints about the word requirement, it'll be more easier (I can't possibly see what's so hard about writing a poem about insidious dragons, but hey....) I swear to you it'll be easier. As always thanx for entering, may the best writer win!!!!!)


Jazz Newport Green
Jazz Newport Green
Wouldn't you like to know, MD


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