The Dead Idea  April 4, 2010 - June 1, 2010

Contest Completed


The Writer: Evolved - A+ - Ideas, dreams, unfathomable things!
Keep up the good work! A - The thought process.
89 :) B+ - Ideas' Demise
B - The Waiting Room


This is a contest started by the Evolving the Writer course. Through my ramblings of procured knowledge, I came up with a topic I thought would be fun to write about and to read. Any one is allowed to submit their writing and may submit two different selections. If you have time, stop on by the Evolution Classroom and join the conversation.

Your theme must be this:
Where do ideas go when they die?

Any writing is allowed. Please use writing created for this contest, but if you wrote what I want to see then by all means submit it!


Philip S.
Philip S.
Gulf Shores, AL


5 Contestants
7 Submissions
Created Apr 4, 2010

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