The Exquisite Story - Collaborative writing  March 17, 2013 - April 16, 2013

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The exquisite animated short.
Project 2
Deadline : 16 April 2013

In project 2 of this project, I’ve decided to start make this project open to everyone in the world.
Have you always thought of writing an animated story , put your ideas to the challenge?

Start writing a story, you can write anything, and anyone with the link can delete or change or add new things to any part of the story to their liking. The only thing you cannot edit is the Deadline of this project. You can even edit the title of the story!
This is an open document so anyone in the world can do it. Currently. You can share it with whoever you want.

The rules are : 1 ) No dialogue.
2) The story cannot be longer than 1 page.
3) No vulgarities / pornographic / religious content.
4) Project ends in 1 month.
5) After that, project will be archived. Public for everyone

Write here:


Your writing can connect with artists to be made into an animated film.


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