The HoWiKU Contest for Failed Poets  September 2, 2007 - October 3, 2007

Contest Completed


1st - HoWiKU Meijin - [writing deleted]
2nd - HoWiKU Kyōshi - [writing deleted]
3rd - HoWiKU Renshi - [writing deleted]
The HoWiKU Treasury Award - You Sank My Battleship Potemkin! - [writing deleted]


Dear all, it may stagger you to know that I am not a poet (at all!) and so I have devised my own form of poetry (or something like it); this is largely due to the fact that I cannot understand how to write Haikus / Senryus etc. (What the hell is a 'morae' anyway? I thought it was kind of eel...)

So without further ado - what is a 'HoWiKU' ?

It is a form of prose that is structured 8-4-1-1 (In traditional HoWiKUs the last lines 1-1 are usually the same word repeated - however the new Modernistic approach to HoWiKUs quite often have 2 different words for the 1-1).

HoWiKU's rarely offer anything useful to the world but are strangely and wildly flowered up by the addition of non-sensical music and artwork in order to take the reader's mind off the fact that it is actually... not particularly good. Quite often there is a hidden mesage in the HoWiKU that has people scratching their heads for weeks...

I have included a traditional HoWiKU below for your perusal (if you can find the hidden message let me know, the first one to find it will win a prize!)

I will have to be quite strict with the application of the rules so get your noodles in gear and let me have it. Cheers!


$0.00, A staggeringly beautiful pixellated icon - wow!


Plymouth,, Devon, United Kingdom


Created Sep 2, 2007