The Mindfuck Contest  September 20, 2009 - December 20, 2009

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God of Mindfuck - [writing deleted]
King of Mindfuck - The Man That Ruined My Life
Master of Mindfuck - The Circus of the Smile


What is the mindfuck? It is something that completely f***s with your mind and blows everything you know out of proportion. You don't know it's there until it creeps up on you at the last moment... and WHAM. It was completely unexpected and totally insane. They fucked with your mind in Memento, in The Illusionist, in Fight Club. Christopher Nolan and Chuck Palahnuik fucked with your mind.

Write something with an unpredictable twist. Thrill us, chill us, blow our f*****g minds with the greatest, craziest mindfuck of all time.

RULES: If you don't know what *mindfuck* is, get out of my contest. If you think a real life sob story that pertains to your life qualifies, get out of my contest. If you think raw and heart wrenching stories qualify, get out of my contest.


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