The Most Contorted Form Contest  February 1, 2008 - April 1, 2008

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The Much Coveted Gold Star of the Contortionist - [writing deleted]
The Much Coveted Gold Star of the Contortionist - Windblown Rose
All That Glitters Is Not Gold, Contortionist Medal! - Sophie Dog


Writing a nontraditional trochaic pentameter sonnet has inspired me to offer my first contest: the "Most Contorted Form Contest." In this contest, you are implored to recycle or create the most contorted form for poetry and to try to make your write shine through the adversity. Works will be judge both by the difficulty of the form as well as the degree to which the poem actually works. If the poem flops, you can still win by "difficulty points" much like doing a belly flop in Olympic high diving. :) Judging to be conducted on Aprils Fools Day. The contest is real, and I will judge these matters. It is just a good day and leaves people time to work on a difficult project. This is kind of the "April Fools" of poetry - and, you though it would be easy!


A much coveted award for your websection!


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The Archangel Gabriel
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