The One Single Thought contest  July 27, 2007 - August 10, 2007

Contest Completed


One Single Thought of Truth Award - [writing deleted]
One Single Thought of Mind Award - [writing deleted]
One Single Thought of Heart Award - [writing deleted]
Unique One Single Thought - [writing deleted]


This contest is for the One Single Thought. One Thought that brings meaning, depth, and after-thought to the reader. Something that mind triggers us into thinking. So, broaden our perceptions! Break us open! [smiles]
The One Single Thought winners will go up on a discussion forum as "Thought of the Week". The website is not yet up. It will be up at:

So is there a Twist? Yes.
The Title needs to start with the letter " i ".

Rules? Of course [smiles].

* Max 3 lines.
* Each line containing a maximum of 11 words.

Regarding voting? This first round, I will pick the winners. Next contest goes for member voting. Good luck! Think away! [smiles]


$0., Fulfillment [smiles]



Created Jul 27, 2007