The Personified  October 29, 2011 - November 30, 2011

Contest Completed


Abstraction given Life! First prize - The Free Man; a fable of folly
Abstraction given Life! Second prize - I am Penthos (Grief)
Abstraction given Life! Third prize - ^MISTER DEATH^


When I say personify, I don't mean when a writer briefly gives something humanistic characteristics to enhance an image or emotion. What I am looking for in this contest is the revitalization of taking an abstraction and turning it into a character, a person.

This contest is for all those poems, stories, and books that have taken death, justice, chaos, joy and made them into more than an idea. Turned them into a being with its own thoughts and emotions. The works will be judged on how real the character feels, as if they could literally come to life.

please no erotica!


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