The Scariest Monster  September 26, 2012 - October 3, 2012

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The Dr. Frankenstein Award - YOUNG FOREVER


Write a scene depicting a monster doing something scary. It can be a classic monster or it can be that one you had a nightmare about that one time you woke up with wet sheets.
-Don't only write a description, write a scene.
-The more creative, the better. If it's a monster you created, lean more towards a vivid description and what it does. If it's a classic monster, lean more towards a brief history and what it's doing now.
-Try to make it a few paragraphs or at least 250 words. It's better to make it long than to wind up with something that's too short.
I'll pick the winner, but please send me your votes anyway. It would be a pity if a crafty writer created multiple profiles simply to vote for his or herself...


Recognition and a little ribbon on your profile :]


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