The Story Game Contest  March 23, 2009 - May 1, 2009

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Champion - [writing deleted]
Champion - [writing deleted]


Is anyone out there familiar with the story game? If you are familiar with it skip to the next paragraph. If not, read on. The story game is a 2 (or more) person game in which you and the other person take turns writing sentences. For example, you would write a sentence and then pass it to the other person. Then the other person writes a sentence and so on.

The story does not have to be anything in particular, but I personally prefer funny stories when dealing with this game.
The only rules I have are that you must not edit anything after the story is finished, (unless something is misspelled) and that two writers cafe members must write a story together and each submit the same story. So only one story will win, even if there are two awards.
Now get writing!


Pride (and a funny story)


The Little Writer
The Little Writer
Don-Mage, WA


Created Mar 23, 2009