The Twist  January 21, 2013 - February 6, 2013

Contest Completed


Creative Ingenious - The Matador's Wife
God of Twists - (Not) Alone
Messiah of Poetic Deliverance - Worlds Of Wanderers
Aphrodisiac to a writers soul - [writing deleted]
Storyteller of the new age - Laurel the half Leviathan


Hey I love poetry and short stories ( emphasis on short )
Looking for participants to take an idea, however different or unique the plot might be and add a twist somewhere in the story line. Poems/stories with unique plots and dramatic twists obviously would catch my attention and make the process of selecting the winning pieces that much easier.


Keegan D'souza
Keegan D'souza
Mumbai, India, India


19 Contestants
34 Submissions
Created Jan 20, 2013

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