The Ultimate Taboo  March 8, 2008 - April 5, 2008

Contest Completed


The Authority on Perverse and Controversially Brilliant Literature - The Dog Toy
The Co-Authority on Perverse and Controversially Brilliant Literature - Town Genius
Third Place in Perverse and Controversially Brilliant Literature - Depravity


Who can create the most outrageous, teeth-bitingly controversial, most ridiculously unheard-of short story or poem about something taboo?

- must center around a topic (or topics) that are considered culturally shocking, wrong, and taboo
- must be long enough to satisfy. (that statement to be interpreted at your own discretion.)
- while not a strict requirement, keep in mind that anything sexual and erotic will be considered more favorably. The raunchier and more explicit, the better.
- It can be humorous if you choose, or not. Although humor in some form *is* preferred.

- bizarre fetishes
- unspoken, subconscious, secretive feelings, emotions, or desires
- use your imagination. I don't want to spoil anything for myself. :-)

There are basically no rules as far as how extreme or gruesome your story is - that is, in fact, the entire point. Open your mind and your computer screen to uncensored stream of thought, and pour all your words out to me! Remember, controversy is the spice of life...and may the best taboo win.


My utmost admiration and undying respect; a dozen cookies or brownies of your choice; a treasured work of art to hang on Grandma's 'fridge.


Cleveland, OH


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Created Mar 8, 2008