The Wickedest of Them All  June 9, 2010 - June 25, 2010

Contest Completed


Happily Ever After Award - The Snail Prince
Mirror Mirror Award - Red Riding Hood
BEAST Award - The Devil's Due


It can be any form of writing (prose, poetry, you name it), BUT it must be some sort of spin off of ANY fairytale (meaning, if it's one you think most people haven't heard of, don't worry about it - I'm sure I can figure it out).

So, the rules:
1. Must be a spin off of a fairytale
2. Grammar and whatnot are very important, but you will not be judged harshly for anything that's wrong
3. May enter up to three different pieces, but only one may win


Nice Reviews, Bragging Rights, And A Happy, Warm, Fuzzy Feeling Inside. Love it :)



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Created Jun 9, 2010