The WritersCafe Oscars  April 24, 2007 - May 24, 2007

Contest Completed


Best Romantic Poem - Afraid
Best in Poetic Form - [writing deleted]
Best Haiku - [writing deleted]
Best Short Poem - What I Really Do In Algebra Class
Most Emotion Conveyed - [writing deleted]
Best Collection or Long Poem - My Own Dollars Trilogy


This is one of two contests, the Golden Globes and the Oscars, which will attempt to find and reward some of the freshest content on WritersCafe in different categories. This specific contest is for poetry, while the Golden Globes will be exclusively for short stories. Here is a brief explanation of the rules and awards:

-We will decide which of our categories your poem best fits into. Awards will be given accordingly. You know your piece better than we do, so you can probably guess which it will fall into.
-NO simultaneous submissions (i.e. do not submit something you've submitted for twelve other contests)
-You may NOT submit something that was published or submitted for the anthology.
-For the "best in poetic form" category: anything that fits a preconstructed form in the literary canon (other than haiku, which has its own category), i.e. senryu, sonnet, ballad and so on, will be considered in this category. Pieces that fit into a specific form may also be considered for other categories depending on the content, so don't worry.
-"Most emotion conveyed": Yes, there is a category for Romance type pieces, and some of that type may be considered also for the emotion category. It all depends on the content, wording and delivery. Whatever touches us the most.
-"short poem": This category is for poems 10 lines or less, which are NOT haiku, as haiku has its own category.
-"haiku": any haiku that does not fit the 5-7-5 structure will not be considered for the haiku category.
-Good luck!





Created Apr 24, 2007