The best years  June 20, 2007 - July 10, 2007

Contest Completed


1st Place - [writing deleted]
2nd Place - [writing deleted]
3rd Place - New Friendships


We all know that high school and university are said to be the best years of our lives, but we also know that that isn't always the case. It can be though.

Entries must be poetry, and must encapsulate your time at high school or university (regardless of whether or not you have graduated). It can be about the experience in general, particular events, etc. The content of the entries must be clearly linked to high school or university (and by that, I mean don't submit a poem about a relationship or breakup, and say that its all because of school. Even if that relationship occured/ended/whatever during your time at school - however if it had a direct effect on school, that would be okay).

Peoms can be no shorter than 10 lines, but can be as long as you'd like.


My love. And heartfelt congratulations.


Joey P
Joey P
Georgetown, Ontario, Canada


Created Jun 20, 2007