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Most Erotic - Perfect Bliss!!
Most Bizarre - [writing deleted]
Most Breath Taking - Breathing
Best Hidden Theme - Welcome
Best Final Reveal of Theme - A Mailbox Perspective
Best Choice of Theme - Lava Lamp


Heres the deal. I have read a lot of erotic stories and books in my time, and I want something new. So, write a story or poem, that sounds erotic, and is erotic, but is not about an erotic activity. So no stories or poems about sex, or falling in love, or masturbating. Pick an activity or object with no erotic conotations, and add some. Say, you make a story about washing the dishes so sensual, it actually sounds erotic. Now, you get major points if either the activity or object is hidden until the end, or is left up for question. However, you must have a clear object or activity, which should be mentioned in your review notes. No erotic sensual pieces without an object or activity at the center.
Have fun, and be creative. Go way out there.


comment on your profile page stating that you are the best writer of erotic fiction for the time of the contest, written by me.


Tara Murasaki
Tara Murasaki
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