Troubled Romance.  July 18, 2008 - July 30, 2008

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First Place-Most Troubled (Blubbered like a baby -sob) - [writing deleted]
Second Place-Depressing - Spiro & Junko
Third Place-Tear Worthy - One Life
Fourth Place-Teary Eyed - The Crimson Bride
Fifth Place- Sad - The Fall of Rain


I decided to create this. Because...well...I just wanted to. You can write about any couple you like, guyXguy, girlXgirl, heterosexual couples, blah, your choice. As long as it's- as the title says- a troubled romance. Eloping, death, loss, whatever you want, as long as it makes me cry or sniff a couple of times I'm good. There's no limit to how many pages it can be, you want to write a book? Knock yourself out.

Here's a little example as to what I would like: (and yes I wrote it btw)
"Ichigo looked at the clock on her classroom wall....3....3 more minutes until she could go see him. She tapped her pencil on her desk, anxiety and adrenaline running throughout her veins and making her squirm in her seat. 'I want out! I want out of this damned place; I want to go see my Boy.' 2 more minutes� Ichigo tapped the pencil harder...1 more minute....

The bell rang and Ichigo shot out of her seat faster than you could say 'duck'. She sprinted to her locker, picking the lock with her bobby pin, not wanting to waste time spinning in her combination. Her hands shook as she stuffed all of her books and supplies in her locker, she got out her guitar case and a cigarette holder attached to it.

Her friends screamed at her as she ignored them and raced out of the school, the guitar case bumped against her leg as she made her way to her car. Ichigo turned on the ignition and sped away to the train station, her heart beat wildly as she parked the car and got out the guitar case; she snatched a plastic bag containing ridiculously huge amounts of money and threw the car keys inside the car, she pressed the lock button on the door and closed the door.

Ichigo ran inside, fresh, cool air hit her face as she searched around for terminal 13. She made her way to the terminal and searched around, setting her luggage down and looking for her Boy. Ichigo caught sight of his platinum colored hair, sticking out slightly from a black hoodie, and jogged to him.


Her Boy looked up, his platinum eyebrows rising and his lips breaking out in a beautiful grin. 'Ichigo, you're goddamned late...'

'Whatever.' Ichigo flashed an easy grin and grabbed Jae's left hand, she looked down and saw the ring on his third finger. HER ring. Jae smiled at her and then took a look at her luggage.

'Is that all you need?' Jae laughed and led her to their train, he handed their tickets to a guard and they entered the train.

Ichigo looked down at her things and squeezed Jae's hand.

The train started moving, leading them to anywhere, to their run-away their future.

Ichigo looked up into Jae's clear blue eyes and squeezed his hand harder, 'My guitar, money, and a pack of cigarettes. That's all I need to run away with you.'"




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