Vampire Poetry  November 7, 2008 - November 25, 2008

Contest Completed


An immortal piece - [writing deleted]
An eternal poem - Passion\'s Feast
Dark and haunting - [writing deleted]
Beautifully Written - [writing deleted]
Tr�s Beau - [writing deleted]
Tr�s Magnifique - My Vampyre
Fantastique - Peppermint Kisses
Tr�s Bien - Lust and Longing
Bravi - Vampire Moon


What I am seeking are haunting and romantic poems and prose about vampires. Make them dark, passionate or haunting; I prefer they not be bloody or disturbing, however...I prefer the romantic idea of the vampire. The 5 finalists of my choosing will have their poems posted on my website,, for the duration of a month. Their are no cash prizes, only the offer of exposure on my website, so if you do not wish for your poetry to be posted on the site, I would prefer you not enter this contest. Thank you.


P.S. Becuase of how many well written poems I am recieving, I have decided to up the number of contest winners from 5 to 9, giving four more available positions in my contest.


Exposure on for the duration of one month.


Titus McGuire
Titus McGuire
Neosho, MO


18 Contestants
25 Submissions
Created Nov 7, 2008

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