Vengeance will be taken upon him Sevenfold  March 23, 2008 - June 7, 2008

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Avenged Sevenfold - If Anna-Leigh Hadn\'t Lived
Avenged Three Times Over - Ballad of Norma Jean
Avenged Only Once - [writing deleted]


This is a bit of a sequel to the "I want those bleeders" contest. Only this time, the theme is vengeance going all wrong... just think "Christian Karma" (as I like to call it): what comes around goes around seven times harder. lol Not only that, but unlike the other contest (which only requested poems), I want regular short stories.

It can have a happy ending or sad ending, whatever. Just makes sure that your character is avenged sevenfold. lmao! Not to be confused with the really great and awesome band, please!


You will be avenged seven times over.


Blade & Blood (The Black Plague)
Blade & Blood (The Black Plague)
Behind A Drumset, CA


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