Visual Stimulus - what story can you make of this picture?  September 30, 2011 - October 30, 2011

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Monthly I create a one-month-long contest in which writers may enter a story or poem or anything based on the Photo. You can write about the photo, use to photo as a stimulous or take an object or settting from the photo. In anyway possible, just use the photo and submit something with it somehow incorporated. Although I do accept poems, often all of them are just repetitive and are practically the smae thing; I just get REALLY BORED of them sometimes and if you submit one, there's next to no chance that you'll actually place. Also, I don't like pieces with bad themes, scenes or harsh language in them so if you're too bold in your appraoch it quite possibly might be scrapped. I also don't really like dark pieces of writing or creepy ones, but I do accept them. Have Fun and Good Luck!

P.S if you can't tell what the picture is of, it's of a dark street corner at night with old coblestones and narrow paths. A shop with a green door on the corner has a light in front of it that is the only real light in the whole picture. The scene is dark but the shp seems friendly. All of the buildings seem to loom up into the darkness. There are no stars or moon.


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