Wasted Wishes  September 2, 2012 - September 16, 2012

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Most Compelling - Sweet Oblivion
A Heartbreaking Wish - [writing deleted]
A Saddening Wish - Enough
A Touching Wish - Wishing For More



Everyone wishes for something. Big or small, everyone wants something more. Everyone has wasted wishes. Did you ever wish not to wish? Most wishes only lead to disappointment, only bestow hurt and pain. Did you ever wish not to want anything? Did you ever wish for something that would never happen? Did you ever wish to change someone? This is for everyone who has wished upon a star, wished with all their heart, for something that they knew would never come true. This is for your wasted wishes. Tell me about them. Make me want your wish.

I have a poem that is sort of an example of want I'm looking for but I fully encourage creativity. After all, I'm looking for something compelling. If it's compelling, it shouldn't matter the format or writing style or artist interpretation.

But, in case you want an idea, here is the poem:

I am looking forward to what you submit.


$0.00, the pride of knowing that you've won.



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