The first mistake
A band of soldiers finds diplomacy in the dreg forest comes with consequences.
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We Shall Overcome  June 30, 2007 - July 4, 2007

Contest Completed


First Place - [writing deleted]
Second Place - [writing deleted]
Third Place - 3 AM in Baghdad
Honorable Mention - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention - [writing deleted]


Sometimes the injustices in politics or society can create some very moving works. This contest will be about any sort of poetry that deals with a social or political issue, theme, or idea. It doesn't matter whether its liberal, conservative, or even anarchist. I'm looking for the passion and the emotion behind the works.


Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas
Wilkes-Barre, PA


Created Jun 30, 2007