What About the Child?  July 6, 2014 - December 6, 2014

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Brought me to tears! - Butterfly Kisses
I felt the tears, and they were so close to running down my cheeks! - Dear Diary
My heart was beating so fast thinking of the child! - No more Family


With a divorce, we think about the parent's pain. But what about the child? Often times, the child's pain is forgotten. Two and a half years ago, my parents got divorced. I'd now like to read some divorce poems from the perspective of the child.

Shower me with tears! Or show me the compassion a child might show their parent in pain. Whatever you want! Just make sure it's from the child's perspective!

Make sure it's appropriate for any age to read. I'm not that young, but I don't like inappropriate things.


A virtual hug!



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