What Do You Have to Say About Environmental Issues?  January 9, 2008 - February 10, 2008

Reading and Deliberating


Do you have a great way to reuse old clothes? Do you know something about pollution that we don't? Do you have a simple way for kids and teens to help stop global warming?

Tell us! Send an article/craft/activity/short story/graphic novella script/etc. about anything related to the environment, no more than 800 words to be published into JJ Express Magazine March/April 2008 Be Green issue.

Must be intended for an audience of 10-15 year olds.

Must be original work.

You may submit through writerscafe.org or send your submission to editor.jjexpress@gmail.com



Publication in JJ Express Magazine, and a copy of Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold


1st Place 1st Place
2nd Place 2nd Place
3rd Place 3rd Place



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Created Jan 9, 2008

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