What Kind of (insert type of writing here, as in, book, or poem roleplay) Are You Capaple Of? Will it Be Enough To Impress ME?  June 9, 2009 - July 14, 2009

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Roses are red, violets are blue. This (insert what type it is) is awesome, and so are you! - Decalage
Speechless at how remarkable this is... - American Girl
Ohh, this will be remembered! - Amor et mors: Love and Death
Sweet passtime! - Dance
Cool! - [writing deleted]
Brilliant! - Twisted Fate
Charming! - [writing deleted]
Intense! - Becoming Burning
Cute! - [untitled]
Impressive! - [writing deleted]


No lemons, those are annoying. Any stories welcome, just no Twilight fan-fics. I like romance, adventure, anime/manga related, music, fantasy.

NO rabid fangirls and their stories of how their paired with i . e. Sauske, Toshiro, OR anything else like that, again, annoying.

I Repeat ABSOLUTELY NO Twilight stories.

Repeat again: More like a hint but anime/manga stories really catch my eye


Your pride of feeling something has been accomplished!


I ain't gonna tell ya JACK!, Japan


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Created Jun 9, 2009

Digress Digress
Read the notes below, a little poem about entwined hearts.
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