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What Lies Beneath...  September 15, 2007 - October 31, 2007

Contest Completed


The Devil In The Flesh - Forgive Me Father
The Grim Reaper - Wrists
The Mad Hatter - [writing deleted]
The Creeper - [writing deleted]
The Boogeyman - Piglets


Ok I want to see true horror. Something that's really going to scare me and I haven't been able to find stories like that on Writers cafe. I don't care what kind story or poem you do, but make me tremble in my boots. Not to mention it gives good praise to horror writers on cafe. Good Luck!

Note- Realize that the less people that enter the competition, the better chances of people getting awards. SO I would consider entering, because you wouldn't want people to get an easy win. :) SO ENTER!




Jd Young
Jd Young
Las Vegas, NV


Created Sep 15, 2007