What You Talkin ' Bout Willis?  October 11, 2008 - October 31, 2008

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What You Talkin - Sunshades on Lifeboats
What you say? - alone
Say What? - [writing deleted]
Who Ya? - [writing deleted]
Huh? - [writing deleted]
you don't say - Starry Eyes


remember Gary Coleman saying ... what you talkin bout willis?
the famous quote from 80's tv sitcom "Different Strokes"

Used in normal conversation when speak doesn't understand.
"what you talkin bout willis?" -- translates to: "I did not understand"

or Implying that someone else is crazy when they're merely pointing out your foolishness.

So have you ever wondered What you talkin' about from one of your friends, family when they don't seem to make sense to you or they're really right but you just don't get it~???? lol~ Have fun and let the ink flow~ 2 pieces allowed for entries to this contest~ What you talkin'bout??


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