What is it like to be an Envelope  November 17, 2007 - November 24, 2007

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I am an Envelope - [writing deleted]


What would it be like to become an inanimate object? To become a leaf, or a building? A road, or a snowflake? If you had the 5 senses that humans have, what would you feel, see, experience? We want to know. We will step outside of what is, and look at things from a different point of view.

This week's inanimate object is an Envelope! Please feel free to move and flow with your inspiration where ever it leads you. Write a poem, a story, whatever you like! But the trick is, to really become an envelope. As the paragraph above says, what would you feel, see, experience?

I will choose the winner based upon style, flow, comprehension, and especially if you really helped me, the reader, to feel as if I became this object through reading your piece.

Blessings to your pens and keyboards! Enjoy! :D

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Andrea A. Wentz
Andrea A. Wentz
Phoenix, AZ


Created Nov 17, 2007